Latest ALPHA ISO available!

dwmX-2019-ALPHA2-NOV18 release 20181107_1338

dwmX 64bit
Debian Buster
ceni network config (sudo ceni)
dmenu_extended (Ctl+Space)
sublime text 3
glances system monitor
boot to ram option

Firefox Quantum 63.x (direct install via Mozilla...soon to be in Buster?)
Gimp 2.10

  • Added arandr
  • Pulseaudio added for FF Quantum
  • firmware-atheros added
  • kernel 4.16 removed
  • removed unattended-upgrades
  • installed mpv
  • mpd 'groove salad' disabled auto-start
  • slstatus - mpd removed/kernel info removed
  • dwm config.h firefox available on all tags
  • slstatus tidy up removed mpd/kernel/node
  • new forum @

username: live
password: live
root password: live

!!type 'startx' at tty to start desktop!!

install with 'sudo refractainstaller'